Thursday, 27 February 2014

[TUT]Uploading shell from admin panel

Hey I am back with my another post of website hacking. This tutorial is about uploading a shell in website.

Things you need -->

1. Access to admin panel of website.
2. A shell(You can download it from google).
3. Mozilla Firefox browser.
4. Live http headers(You can download it from google)

So lets start with our tutorial -->

1. First login to the admin panel to the website and then try to find a place where we can upload a file like image,pdf,doc etc. In my case I found gallery in my victim website where I can upload images.
2. Now we will gonna upload a shell, but we have to change the extension of the our shell to 'shell.php.jpg' because we are uploading our shell as an image.
3. Before uploading the 'shell.php.jpg' open Live Http Headers and minimize it and then click on upload button. Like I did in following image.

4. Now we have uploaded 'shell.php.jpg' , after that maximize the Live Http Headers and find 'shell.php.jpg' in HTTP headers box like I did in image given below.
5. Now click on that line in which in 'shell.jpg.php' is written and then click replay.
6. After clicking on Replay, a new window will open , now in second box find 'shell.php.jpg' and rename it to 'shell.php' and then again press replay. Like I did in image given below.

7. Now we have successfully uploaded our shell.Now right click on our second image and then click on Copy image location to get our shell link. Like I did in image given below.

Note -->

1. Only for educational purpose.

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