Sunday, 13 April 2014

[TUT] Uploading shell in Wordpress

Hey I am back with some interesting tutorial that is based on uploading shell in wordpress blog. I hope you all have read my last article if not then click here.

As all of you heard about Wordpress its a blogging platform.

So lets see what you will need -->

1. Access to the admin panel of vicitm wordpress website/blog.
2. A php shell, search it on google you will found one.

So lets start with our tutorial --> 

1. Login to the admin panel(dashboard) of your victim wordpress site.

2. Now in the left hand menu click on Appearance and them Editor like I am doing in image given below.

3. Now from right side click on 404 Template and then you will see the source code of 404.php in source code box. Like I got in image given below.

4. Now replace the source code of 404.php with our php shell code and then click Update File. Like I did in image given below.

5.Now Goto
Make sure you edit www.site.com with your worpress site url and  themename with theme installed on that wordpress site.

Note -->
Only for education purpose.


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