Monday, 9 May 2016

Spying Technology – Need of the Day

This world is not a space for humanity to live and breathe, but rather it is a sprint to success. The old saying goes, “The destination does not matter as much as the journey”, however, in the world these days, the saying proves out to be incorrect. No one really cares how they get there, or whose rights they have to usurp to get to the destination. With these things said, it is imperative to note that people do not care for the welfare for others as long as they are making money. They would rather slack off instead of working honestly and diligently. Children would rather spend time chatting with strangers rather than working hard on their studies. In the same way, employees are always looking for chances to abuse company-owned devices when they are expected to work honestly. Not only this, people do not hesitate cheating their partners behind their back thinking they world never get caught when it is not really the case. Despite several shortcomings, one of the best things about digital technology is that it has made it easier than ever to catch liars and cheaters. What we call spying technology has become a need of the day not only for parents but for employers and everyone else alike.
Given below is a brief note on how spy apps are making people’s lives easier and simpler:
  • Relieve Parents Of Their Stress
Parents are probably the most worried individuals in the entire world. The fact that they are responsible for the life of a person stresses most people. Nonetheless, parents have to undertake this challenging task and hope for the best. What really concerns a parent is what their child does on the internet. He can be playing games or he could be browsing through inappropriate websites. Since, kids never like someone spying on them; they try their best to keep their elders out of their online life. With no other way of keeping an eye on their online activity, parents are left with only one mean; Spy Apps.
Spy apps are made especially for these troubled parents so they know exactly what their child is doing online. Spy apps can monitor social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well as tap into their calls and texts. Thus, making it the best method of keeping track of their children and making sure that they stay protected from bad influences.
  • Help Employers Safeguard Company Hardware
Employees can turn out to be the most difficult people to judge. When employers hire people, everyone acts like the most honest men that have ever lived. At first, they have no way of knowing what good they will do to the company, or if they will do any good at all. Ultimately, the employer has to put his doubts aside and blindly trust the employee with company hardware such as company cars, cell phones, laptops, etc. Now, it is important to make sure that they are doing good work with such devices and aren’t using them for their own personal leisure and aren’t using them in a way that it gets damaged. Spy applications are of great help in the matter since with them company issued smartphone can be spied onand employers can learn its and their employees’ location anywhere on the planet.
Additionally, spy apps greatly help when your device is lost or stolen. Their advanced tracking features can locate a device anywhere in the world, accurately up to the street number, ensuring that even if you lose your device, you can always get back to it.
  • Helps Catch a Cheating Spouse Red Handed
The normal boring routine makes a person crave for some sort of excitement in their lives. However, this excitement often comes in the form of porn or sexting with strangers online. There are many indicators for detecting this behaviour. When spouses seem distracted or absent minded even when they are physically present, it often means that they are cheating on their other half. People can’t just follow their spouses everywhere to see if they really are cheating on them. And even then, they can’t find out about their online life. This is where spy apps come in. Spy apps can keep track of their online life by saving the browsing history. Other than that, spy apps can keep an eye on every social networking app installed on the target device.
One might argue how intrusive spy applications are, but seeing the benefits they provide and the way they are able to take care of things have without a doubt made spy applications the need of the hour.
Author Bio:
Angelica Dowson, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, Cell Phone Spy. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2


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  3. Interesting though! Monitoring software are the need of today. Most of the parents are non tech savvy. These application can help non tech savvy parents to protect their kids online.


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