Tuesday, 21 March 2017

CyberSucks Omegle Bot : Automate Messages on Omegle

CyberSucks Omegle Bot

CyberSucks Omegle Bot is a tool used to automate messages in Omegle.I started learning python about a month ago. I was practicing a lot so I decided to create an Omegle bot. I used a framework called selenium for this bot. 
This works quite good and you can easily send up to 4 messages. You can add interest. People mainly use these bots for spamming and spreading RATS. But I am not going to suggest you to do that. This Bot is only created for an educational purpose so I don't take any responsibility for any damage you do.


  • Interest can be added
  • You can pre-define up to 4 messages
  • Works very fast.
  • Socks5 Proxy support to counter ban.

Dependencies :

  • Python
  • Selenium
  • PyVirtualDisplay
  • Chrome Web Driver

Usage :

$ python CS.Omegle.Bot.py
                 | CyberSucks Omegle Spam Bot |
                 | Coded by D@rk TruTH              |
                 | Version : 1.1                               |
                 | CyberSucks.TK                          |
                 | Twitter @darktruth190                |
                 | Facebook: Fb.me/CyberSec007 |

Enter the interests Example. friends,girls,fag, >> Justin Bieber,one direction
Enter your first message (1/4) >> Hi...
Enter your second message (2/4) >> You fag
Enter your third message (3/4) >> bye
Enter your fourth message (4/4) >> logout
Enter y if you want to use proxy >> y
Enter the proxy in format ip:port >> 121.232.322.123:8223

Video :

I also create a video tutorial for this bot.You can check it out


App crashes when Omegle is unable to find strangers to chat. Make sure to add appropriate interest.


v 1 .1 -- Added SOCKS5 proxy support. Don't use TOR



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